The Side Blogger is a blog about some serious side excursions in the life of Maliha, including but not limited to blogging, writing, and graphic designing. 

Topics such as blogging like a superstar, driving mega traffic with Pinterest, getting tons of email subscribers on the daily, writing like you’re the next Hemingway (OK, not really), creating jaw-dropping graphics & marketing collateral with Adobe or Canva — are common around here. 

As for Maliha, well, that’d be me. Other than having an interest and some level of expertise in the aforementioned, I’m also an engineer and a photographer, and I’m more or less addicted to Nutella crepeHome is where the body is, and right now, I’m calling Denver, Colorado, home.


If you need to get in touch, feel free to drop a line via email or the form below.

Email: contact@thesideblogger.com

Frequent Inquiries

The Side Blogger is a fairly new blog, but it has garnered a little readership in the few months that it has existed. With a solid base of new and potential bloggers and design enthusiasts, The Side Blogger continues to grow.

If you want your brand to be featured on my blog within a blog post, and then promoted (said blog post) across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, please reach out to me and I’d love to dream up amazing content that would fit the needs of your brand as well as the needs of my audience.  (I’ll be featuring your brand within a blog post; this is NOT a product review, but an actual demonstration of how a product can be used. Please check out some of the Canva and Illustrator tutorials I have on TSB for reference.)

Please contact me to request a media kit for detailed sponsorship opportunities and prices as well as blog statistics and demographics.

Please note: I do not accept guest posts from brands/businesses, and I do not accept paid product reviews.

I do not sell ads on The Side Blogger.

I’m currently not accepting guest posts. Please check back in March when I’ll open guest posting opportunities, if you’re interested.

Please note that I DO NOT ACCEPT guest posts from brands or businesses promoting their products and/or services.