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Maliha created The Side Blogger as an experiment to see if turning a blog into a profitable business is a possibility for moonlighting side bloggers. Learn more here, and connect with Maliha on Medium.

How to Create Digital Product Images with Photoshop to Skyrocket Your Sales

A step by step tutorial to create product images with Photoshop for your digital and info products that'll skyrocket your sales! - The Side Blogger #makemoneyblogging #digitalproduct #infoproduct #photoshop #photoshoptutorial #design #graphicdesign #designtips

Do you like the cha-ching sound of passive income?

Us bloggers live for it, don’t we?!

I think it’s safe to say that the idea of making money while you sleep is something we’re all sold on.

Only, passive income isn’t quite as passive as people make it sound, had to learn it the hard way. There’s always some overhead, some initial work, and often, and this is the part that I like doing the least, continued maintenance.

However, in this blog post, I’ll be talking about the part that I actually find enjoyable! Well… second most enjoyable to be specific.

I’ve written previously about creating a passive income stream from your blog by way of selling digital products. If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest you do! One of the things I had pointed out in that post is the importance of creating beautiful product images that hook the potential customers and sliiiiiiiide them down the not-too-slippery slope that leads to hitting the “buy now” button.

And in today’s post, that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you–the way to create product images to take the curious window-shoppers on a ride all the way to purchased-customerdom.

I made up quite a few words there, but oh well, you get the picture…

How to Create a Passive Income Stream Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

How to create a lucrative passive income stream from your blog by selling digital products that benefit your audience - The Side Blogger

Do you have an eye for good design?

Are you familiar with Canva? (Or Photoshop, or InDesign, or Illustrator?)

Do you entertain the idea of making some cash while you sleep?

If you’ve answered “YES” to all three questions above, then this post is for you.

Keep on readin’!

11 Reasons why SiteGround is the Best WordPress Blog Hosting Company

11 reasons why i host all my WordPress blogs and websites with SiteGround, and you should too. - The Side Blogger #wordpress #blog #bloghosting #wordpresshosting #bestbloghosting #besthosting #bestwordpresshosting #bloggingtips #blogger

Back in 2017, frustrated to the point of tears with my then hosting company, I decided to move away and start fresh on a new hosting platform, even though I had more than two/thirds of a year to go until my term expired.

I reached out to a customer service rep via phone about canceling my contract. Turns out, they don’t do refunds. At that point, I didn’t even care if I got a refund or not. I just wanted out.

A fast as possible.

And so, I moved to SiteGround.

How To Grow a Thriving Email List As a Newbie Blogger

Are you struggling to build an email list? Do you ever wonder how other bloggers do it? Well, the wait's over. I'm spilling all my beans for how I grew a list of 1K subscribers in just the first 10 months of blogging.

You’ve likely heard it a million times by now.


Now, why do people say that?

Well, in today’s post that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about along with how to start growing your email list when you’ve just started blogging, some strategies to implement that have worked for me and are likely to work for you too.

Well then, let’s get started!

How the Heck Do You Use ConvertKit–The Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers Ever!

A detailed tutorial of ConvertKit -- one of the most popular email marketing platforms for bloggers and small business owners -- on how to build an email list and send newsletters - The Side Blogger #emaillist #emailmarketing #newsletter #blogging #blogger #subscriber

After you buy a domain and hosting, the next thing I suggest you spend your money on is a fabulous email marketing platform. And for bloggers, that fabulous platform is ConvertKit, hands down!

OK, let me backtrack a little because I think I packed a little too much in that intro…

Let me start at the beginning.

How and Why Should A Smart Blogger Create a Stunning Media Kit (+ FREE Canva Template)

A post on why and how should a smart blogger create a stunning media kit in preparation for sponsored content and posts. Includes a free media kit template made with Canva.

Bloggers and Social Media influencers are mighty!

No, really!

I’ve always read about bloggers working with brands left and right but never thought this was a possibility for The Side Blogger. It’s not so much that I thought this would never happen, it’s just that, it wasn’t even in my radar! I was too busy coming up with ginormous posts (have you noticed how my posts lately have been extra-extra long? I’m not even trying, really!) and trying to keep up with my pinning strategies to drive as much traffic as I can in hopes of selling more affiliate products and Canva templates, when… this happened!

I started getting emails from companies about partnering up to create review posts or just asking me to mention their names on my blog with link-backs.

I’ve already had a media kit, just never had a chance to actually use it. But when I received an email from a particularly well-known company, I knew I was on to something without even having realized it myself!

So, it was time to finally brush up the media kit and update the stats.