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How to Design Beautiful Pinterest Graphics That Drive Blog Traffic, with Canva

How to design amazing Pinterest graphics with Canva that get clicks and repins like crazy! - The Side Blogger #blogging #pinterest #bloggingtips #design #graphicdesign #canva #canvatips #canvaresources #bloggingresources #pinterestresources

A blog’s success is directly proportional to the amount of traffic it gets.

In most cases at least.

The only exception to this rule would be if you know your base REALLY well, know exactly where your target audience hangs out, and in fact, you probably know some of your audience personally and get some of these people to buy from you by way of association.

The power of networking, so to speak.

But for the rest of us lay-folk, especially the ones who couldn’t care any less for networking, our best hope is to get as much traffic as possible. As a matter of fact, ever since my traffic doubled since last month (OH YEAH!), I’ve sold twice as many affiliate products.

So yes, those who say you need to grow your traffic to sell your products and services are really on to something. …

How I Designed The Side Blogger Logo: A Step-by-Step Guide

How I designed my logo with Canva and Adobe Illustrator - a step-by-step case study | The Side Blogger #logodesign #blogger #blogging #design #designtips #adobeillustrator #canva #illustrator #logo

Back in May 2018, when I set up this blog, I was in a real hurry!

Well, there was no reason for why I felt like I had to start something right away… except that, I have a type of personality where waiting is akin to slowly, very slowly, being choked to death.

Patience has never been a virtue in my case… …

27 Dumbest Mistakes New Bloggers Often Make

A list of 27 dumbest mistakes that make a new blogger look like an incompetent fool, drive readers away, and set the blogger in the course of failure.

Let’s see.

You want to start a blog. You have big ideas, and lofty goals, like, you’ll tell your story and save the world.

And you’ll make a whole lot of money, quit your job, and move to Bali where you’ll spend the rest of your life and be zen.

So you plunk down on a chair, all determined, buy a domain, hosting, set up a blog, and start punching away on your keyboard, one blog post at a time, right?

Easy peasy!

And then, after a few weeks, or maybe after a couple of months, you start to realize that something is missing.

Something just isn’t right!

The money isn’t flowing in as fast as you thought it would.

You hardly have readers, and even the ones that do land on your blog, do not seem to have any interest in anything you have to say.

The result?

You’re screwed.

How to Make $100+ on Medium Every Month Doing Something You Love: by Writing

Tips on how to make $100 or more on Medium by writing on this platform through the Medium Partner Program | The Side Blogger

Well, that blows!

Only $100 a month?

OK fine, you got me. $100 may not be all that much to a lot of folks, but if you’ve ever suffered a serious financial crisis in your life, then you know how it is. EVERY. PENNY. COUNTS!

I know because I have! Counted pennies, yeah…

But really, think about this.

The idea of traditional blogging can be daunting for many people because this is often more than just writing great content. In fact, I spend more time promoting my blog posts, creating multiple graphics for every single post so that it doesn’t look like I’m spamming when I Pin the same post over and over, thinking of new strategies to get more traffic on my blog, thinking us topics that my ideal readers would love to read, wondering what kind of freebies my readers can use right away, yada yada yada… the list is basically endless.

Actual writing? I do that for about 4-5 hours a week (for this blog). And that’s about it.

But you see, I love writing. And not just writing about “how to start a blog” or “which blogging platform is the best for new bloggers”, but I like to write about a whole bunch of other stuff!

So, what does someone like me do? Start 17 different blogs? Trust me, I’ve tried. And I’ve failed.

But then Medium came along and solved all my problems.

Start Your Blog with This Massive, 52-Point Blog Launch Checklist

A blog launch checklist for starting your blog the right way from the beginning so you can focus on growing your blog later without worrying the small technical details | The Side Blogger #blog #blogging #bloggingtips #wordpress #wordpresstips

Planning to start a blog?

Then this WordPress blog launch checklist is for you (and yes, it’s more useful to those starting their blogging journeys with WordPress, over other platforms.)

Here’s something to consider:

Blogging isn’t exactly a piece of cake. It’s not rocket science, but successful blogging requires patience, determination, and a can-do attitude because you’ll be learning a lot as you go, and unless you are committed to it, you’ll feel overwhelmed soon enough and you’d want to quit.

Now, I do not say this to discourage you. It’s the opposite! I say this so you know what’s coming. I say this so you can be prepared for the long hours and the hard work.

And when you’re well prepared, the journey ahead becomes just that much easier.

And that’s precisely why, in this blog post, I’m about to share with you a WordPress blog launch checklist of 50+ small details that you need to check off your list BEFORE you launch your blog. By going through this list as best as you possibly can, you’ll make your blogging life a lot easier in the days to come, I guarantee that!

Oh, and in case you’ve already launched your blog, it’s still a good idea to run your blog through this list and see if you’ve got everything covered. Better late than never, eh?

So, let’s get started, shall we?

How to Design Fillable Worksheets and Checklists with Canva and PDFescape (With Videos)

How to design worksheets and checklists and workbooks in Canva that you can use as email opt-in incentive/freebie | The Side Blogger #emaillist #blog #blogger #blogging #design #canva #canvatutorial #canvatips #designtips

Why on earth would a blogger need to design worksheets and checklists, you ask?

Well, let me tell you, they’re mighty useful!

Worksheets and checklists are some of the easiest things you can create in a few hours tops and use them in your blog posts as content upgrades.

What am I talking about?