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25 Recommended Tools for Bloggers that Make You Crazy Productive

A list of 25 blogging tools that will make you crazy productive, will take the stress off of you so you can focus on creating content and promoting them | Blog to Biz

UPDATE: A more up to date list of resources can be found on The Side Blogger Resources page.

Ever wonder how some newbie bloggers start making money right away and get hundreds of subscribers in just a couple of months? I’ve been wondering about that quite a lot lately as I try and grow this blog.

While I have yet to find that ‘a-ha’ moment, I do know one thing. Having the right tools makes for a much easier time when one is trying to figure out this blogging as a business thing. Because let’s face it, the true work is in writing stellar content that’s actually helpful to your readers, promoting the finished post to social media, creating strategies that work with the different algorithms of different social media platforms, keeping up with said algorithms as they continue to change, learning and then implementing SEO, and all the other jazz. …

5 Writing Tips from One Newbie Blogger to Other Newbie Bloggers

Readers gobble up well-written content -- a must-have for successful blogs. Here are 5 tips for writing such content that readers can't stay away from | Blog to BizThe world has gone up in flames just in the last few days, but the most pressing question facing us bloggers, especially the newbie ones like myself, is this: HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER WITH MILLIONS OF MONTHLY READERS?

Hey, it’s important! After all, we bloggers are striving to help our readers. It’s our BIG WHY! One reader at a time, we are enriching the lives of those we reach through our blogs every single day.

And, at the heart of this “success” we’re all striving for, is the content itself.

Let’s face it. The pre-requisite to being a successful blogger is… no, not a clever domain name, and no, it’s not a chic WordPress theme either… it’s a love for writing. Without that, my fellow compadres, we’re all doomed to mediocrity, if not worse. …

How to Find a Blog “Niche” That’s Not Only Profitable, But Also Totally YOU!

How to find your blogging niche without losing your cool using my tried and tested method (and with the help with this free workbook) | Blog to Biz

The idea that one needs a narrow, single-niche blog in order to be a successful blogger has always rubbed me off the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a super niche blog, and in fact, I totally understand why the blogging “gurus” insist upon a niche. But then again, look at blogs like A Beautiful Mess, or Chasing Foxes, or A Cup of Jo, for example. All of these are very successful blogs, and as for niche? I have zero clues… they seem to blog about anything and everything!

So why the stress on choosing a niche? …

How to Install Plugins to Self Hosted WordPress Sites

A step by step guide to installing plugins to self-hosted WordPress sites | Blog to Biz

So, you’re about to start your blog/website with WordPress eh? You’ve purchased hosting from a reputable company, have installed WordPress with just a few clicks… you’re having so much fun!

And then you discover plugins!

Welcome thy Pandora’s Box!

But first, what’s a plugin?

Glad you asked! Well, plugins are just pieces of software that do things on your site. They create added functionalities on top of all the functionalities WordPress comes with. For example, perhaps you want to resize all your images as soon as you upload them instead of having to manually edit and crop them every time. There’s a plugin for that!