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How to Set up a WordPress Blog with SiteGround Hosting: A Step by Step Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to setting up a brand new blog with self-hosted WordPress on SiteGround | Blog to Biz

Update: This post has been edited on February 18, 2019, to reflect the latest WordPress best practices.

I may sound like a broken record, but I’ll say this as many times as I have to… I’ll shout it out loud from the roof of a tall building with a megaphone if I must…

WordPress is THE BEST platform for any and all serious bloggers. Period.

So, in this blog post, I’ve decided to give you a run-down on why I believe you should choose self-hosted WordPress as your blogging platform from the get-go, and exactly how you should set up your very first blog.

Speaking of self-hosted, I’ll also talk briefly about what it means to have a self-hosted WordPress blog/website. This seems to confuse a lot of people, so spending a few minutes to shed light on this topic seems reasonable.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated As a Newbie Blogger When Your Blog Is Not Yet Making Profits

5 ways to stay motivated as a newbie blogger when your blog is not yet making any profits | The Side Blogger #blog #blogger #blogging #blogtips #bloggingtips #beginnerblogger

I’ll be honest with you, I love making money on the side; always have.

If someone gives me 5 bucks for taking a photo, it excites me. Money is, how should I put it, the simplest way to show that my work has been validated. In other words, it’s a way to show that I have been validated.

Validation, my friends, is one of the two most important factors for us to continue to do anything. It is our greatest motivator. I know the fad is to pretend that we don’t care what others think of us, but let’s be honest, we ALWAYS care about what others think of us. Maybe not in a toxic way, but in some level, we seek validation from those who matter.

For example: as an engineer, I seek validation from my team manager. As a student, I seek validation from my adviser. As a blogger, I seek validation from my readers. When I take a photograph, I seek validation from either the subject or the intended audience.

Without validation, we’d lose interest soon enough. Now, the volume of validation required to continue the grind may be different for different people, but validation itself is a requirement none the less.

How to Come Up With Brilliant Blog Post Ideas That Never Fail with These Two Free Tools

How to use Spyfu and Buzzsumo to come up with winning blog topics that never fail | The Side Blogger

Imagine this: you write a blog post, then hit publish, and voila — hundreds of comments, shares and email sign-ups from just one blog post!

Now imagine this happening every single time you publish a new blog post!

Only if!

One can always dream, huh!

You see, blogging is hard. Creating quality content consistently is one of the hardest challenges a blogger faces every single day.

And if you’re a brand new blogger? Uhh… what can I say, except that, you’ve got work to do, my friend!

With that said, today I’ll show you a pretty neat trick to come up with content ideas that’ll be popular with your audience every single time, WITHOUT FAIL! How do I know? Well, keep reading to find out! …

8 Surprisingly Easy Formatting Techniques To Make Your Blog Posts Extra Readable

8 surprisingly easy blog formatting techniques on WordPress to make your blog posts extra readable | The Side Blogger

Content creation is no easy task.

Trying to get people to read the entirety of what you’ve written? Now that’s nothing short of a full-blown battle!

No matter how compelling the topics are, or how well we articulate our posts, the truth is, not many people read a blog post from start to finish. Most people skim over the whole thing in just a few seconds that should otherwise have taken at least a few minutes to read.

So, how do we ensure the readers’ undivided attention? Make sure they at least get the important bits of the post that’ll be helpful and useful to them?

Well, there are certainly a few tricks that help engage the readers’ senses and get them to pay more attention to the content.

There is this obvious one: a well-written body of work. Some gifted writers are so crafty that they could write a blog post on how to put together an IKEA shelf and readers would gobble it up. But the thing is, not many writers are of that caliber.

But that doesn’t mean us average bloggers cannot write posts that hook readers. We need to bring out a few tricks from our writing bags that may or may not have much to do with the writing process itself, but hey, anything to gets the readers’ attention, yeah?

What if I told you that there are some super easy formatting techniques that can increase a blog post’s chances of getting read almost exponentially?

10 Powerful Topics That Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog

Grow your blog with these 10 time tested, powerful topics; tailor them to your readers' benefit and voila, no matter what niche you're in.

No matter your niche, there are certain topics that always get people’s attention.

As a blogger, it’s a good idea to have a few posts on these topics handy. If you’re busy or haven’t had a chance to write an elaborate blog post, you can just bring out one of these canned posts out, hit publish, and voila!

The good thing about these types of posts is that, even though they’re not unique in any way, you can still tailor them to your specific niche, and they will look and feel as though they’re unique.

The idea is simple: have a number of these evergreen topics at your disposal, and then when the time calls for it, simply fashion the posts with content specific to your niche.

Today I’ll be sharing 10 such post topics for when you don’t have the time to think up complex topic ideas, but you still want to write something that will be valuable to your readers.

How to Navigate Blogging Overwhelm without Losing Touch With Your Audience

What do you do when you're so overwhelmed that you cannot write another blog post? You miss the deadline, you've hit a snag, and all you want is to do anything but blogging. In this blog post, I'll walk you through how to navigate such desperate times without giving up or losing your audience's trust.

About five months ago I started a new blog. This time though, it was a bit different from all of the other blogs I’ve had. This time, my blog wasn’t only a way for me to share what I’d had for breakfast, or tell my life-story. This time around, my blog was meant to be a source of inspiration for others and a source of income for me.

In short, this new blog was my next business venture.

And then, as I’d expected, about two and a half months into it, I started to feel overwhelmed. I’m sure most newbies feel that way around this time. The stress, the constant struggle to come up with better strategies, the increased workload of a new project on top of everything else that you had been doing already…