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How to Start a Blog That Makes Money and Helps People: The Pre-launch Prep Guide (+ FREE Workbook)

How to start a blog, make money, and help others -- A step by step guide that walks you through the whole process and sets you up for success from the very beginning.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? Start a blog, write a bunch of posts that enrich the lives of your readers, sit back, and watch the money roll in.

Now hold your horses for a minute there…

Blogging, if you want to treat it like your business, is just that. It’s a BUSINESS. And entrepreneurship is never easy. It’s a lot of testing things out, failing, learning from them, losing sleep, time, money and a fair amount of lost hair thrown into the mix.

When you start blogging, you need to be prepared for making slow and not always steady progress.

If you’re a writer and you just love to write but don’t want to do the hard work of planning, promoting, marketing and all that, then blogging isn’t for you. Thanks to a superb platform called Medium, you can take your essay writing there instead. It’s all good, many of us do it, and love it!

If you’re curious about all the things blogging involves, then read this blog post: 8 Facts about Blogging That No One Really Wants to Talk About.

8 Blogging Facts No One Really Talks About (Hint: It’s Hard)

8 Blogging Facts the blogging gurus don't really want to talk about, that I had to learn the hard way. And now here I am, shedding light on the dark side of blogging | Blog to Biz

Contrary to what you see splashed across Pinterest, you CANNOT start a REAL blog in just 10 minutes.

Even 10 freakin’ hours may not be enough to start your blog.

And today I’m here to tell you why.

I’ve been blogging for a long time now… ever since I got my very first desktop PC — a hand-me-down from my uncle. At that time, the only blogging platform that I knew of was Blogger.

Back in those days, no one that I knew blogged except this one off-beat internet friend that I had made on MSN chat (yeah…) We never saw one another in person, but he was the most “tech-savvy” teenager I knew, and he introduced me to the world of HTML, CSS, and coding in general, and then eventually, to blogging.

All my blogs, however, have been some version or another of a personal diary. The concept of blogging as something more than that was largely foreign to me until a few years ago when I started freelancing. That’s when I learned the true power of a blog.

And so the journey began.

How to be an Authentic Blogger: 5 Tips for Standing Out in a Saturated Niche

5 Tips for being authentic in a saturated world where no idea is a unique idea.

Ever since I entered the blogging and freelancing world, I keep hearing the terms authentic, original, unique, impostor syndrome being thrown around a lot. The first three terms are fairly similar in meaning, the last being that of lacking the quality of the first three.

I get it. I think those of us who’re in a position to create content regularly have, at some point, felt like an imposter. We struggle to create content that people would want to read, content useful to them. But no matter what we think of writing, most of it, if not all, have been written already by someone out there, if not by many.

In other words, there is hardly anything left that has not yet been said.

Anything and everything you can think of has been thought of by someone else.

Many times over.

So, what does it mean for us content creators? Are we doomed to become another mediocre voice out there, shouting in the abyss of content overload, to be heard by none? …

25 Recommended Tools for Bloggers that Make You Crazy Productive

A list of 25 blogging tools that will make you crazy productive, will take the stress off of you so you can focus on creating content and promoting them | Blog to Biz

UPDATE: A more up to date list of resources can be found on The Side Blogger Resources page.

Ever wonder how some newbie bloggers start making money right away and get hundreds of subscribers in just a couple of months? I’ve been wondering about that quite a lot lately as I try and grow this blog.

While I have yet to find that ‘a-ha’ moment, I do know one thing. Having the right tools makes for a much easier time when one is trying to figure out this blogging as a business thing. Because let’s face it, the true work is in writing stellar content that’s actually helpful to your readers, promoting the finished post to social media, creating strategies that work with the different algorithms of different social media platforms, keeping up with said algorithms as they continue to change, learning and then implementing SEO, and all the other jazz. …

How to Find a Blog “Niche” That’s Not Only Profitable, But Also Totally YOU!

How to find your blogging niche without losing your cool using my tried and tested method (and with the help with this free workbook) | Blog to Biz

The idea that one needs a narrow, single-niche blog in order to be a successful blogger has always rubbed me off the wrong way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a super niche blog, and in fact, I totally understand why the blogging “gurus” insist upon a niche. But then again, look at blogs like A Beautiful Mess, or Chasing Foxes, or A Cup of Jo, for example. All of these are very successful blogs, and as for niche? I have zero clues… they seem to blog about anything and everything!

So why the stress on choosing a niche? …