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How to Design Beautiful Pinterest Graphics That Drive Blog Traffic, with Canva

How to design amazing Pinterest graphics with Canva that get clicks and repins like crazy! - The Side Blogger #blogging #pinterest #bloggingtips #design #graphicdesign #canva #canvatips #canvaresources #bloggingresources #pinterestresources

A blog’s success is directly proportional to the amount of traffic it gets.

In most cases at least.

The only exception to this rule would be if you know your base REALLY well, know exactly where your target audience hangs out, and in fact, you probably know some of your audience personally and get some of these people to buy from you by way of association.

The power of networking, so to speak.

But for the rest of us lay-folk, especially the ones who couldn’t care any less for networking, our best hope is to get as much traffic as possible. As a matter of fact, ever since my traffic doubled since last month (OH YEAH!), I’ve sold twice as many affiliate products.

So yes, those who say you need to grow your traffic to sell your products and services are really on to something. …

How I Designed The Side Blogger Logo: A Step-by-Step Guide

How I designed my logo with Canva and Adobe Illustrator - a step-by-step case study | The Side Blogger #logodesign #blogger #blogging #design #designtips #adobeillustrator #canva #illustrator #logo

Back in May 2018, when I set up this blog, I was in a real hurry!

Well, there was no reason for why I felt like I had to start something right away… except that, I have a type of personality where waiting is akin to slowly, very slowly, being choked to death.

Patience has never been a virtue in my case… …

How to Design Fillable Worksheets and Checklists with Canva and PDFescape (With Videos)

How to design worksheets and checklists and workbooks in Canva that you can use as email opt-in incentive/freebie | The Side Blogger #emaillist #blog #blogger #blogging #design #canva #canvatutorial #canvatips #designtips

Why on earth would a blogger need to design worksheets and checklists, you ask?

Well, let me tell you, they’re mighty useful!

Worksheets and checklists are some of the easiest things you can create in a few hours tops and use them in your blog posts as content upgrades.

What am I talking about?

How to Achieve Stunning Visual Branding as a Non-Designer

Visual branding is paramount to a blogger's success. In this blog post, I've outlined 10 key elements of visual branding for a DIY-ing non-designer blogger | The Side Blogger

As a freelancer (web design and development) I’ve always considered my service, my attitude, and my professionalism to be my branding. Not my logo, not my website colors nor fonts. However, all that changed when I started blogging seriously. Suddenly, visual branding became a monumental aspect of my blog-business strategy.

You see, the thing about owning a service-based business is that no one particularly cares about my own visual branding. Most people want to see proof of my expertise, and to that end, I share my portfolio with a potential client. If they like my style, they hire me. If not, they move on. Branding, for my freelance business, has therefore strictly been contained within these few variables: whether or not I deliver on time, whether or not I deliver what I promise to deliver, whether or not I deliver ONLY what I promise to deliver, how I react when things do not go my way, whether or not I own up if I make a mistake.

And then this blog happened.